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Tuesday, March 03, 2020


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Shay Ledevre

I don't like Black Dragon because I cannot navigate myself and still noone has told me how. Why no walking tools ?
I have seen beautiful work done from there though.


Have you tried asking? You certainly haven't asked me yet.

Whats the issue with navigation?


What do you mean "no walking tools", Shay?

Black Dragon has rebind able keyboard inputs so you can use default WASD or swap it about, and even has settings for click to move or click to teleport, and on-screen move tools if you can't handle the other options.

With as many ways as Black Dragon gives you to navigate and customize said "walking tools", I'm curious what the problem you're running into is.

Have you tried asking anyone in the BD group or discord?

Ashish Lavania

That's a great article about second life and if you are questioning about dragon I am doing pretty well it if I get any new update will tell you here.

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