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Thursday, March 26, 2020


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I can understand her, I have a relative under intensive care because of COVID-19. Until the satire hits some weird behavior, such as the toilet paper craze, that may be fun. The kind of satirical content in the linked March 10th article, instead, like the "spread the infection" one is another story. Maybe someone played "Plague Inc" too much... and didn't realize that the COVID-19 disease is not a game and how insensitive it was, when thousands of people are hospitalized for real and families are mourning their deaths.

I don't find it so ugly if someone releases virtual flu masks, instead, if the designer gives away masks and accessories for motivational / solidarity purposes. Example:
(there is a Spanish version too). Or maybe you are thinking they are just advertising themselves, I don't know the specific case, but I think there is who really wishes to offer some moral support without ulterior motives. Second Life, like tourism, helps to meet people from all over the world and when your friends are from the countries hit by a calamity (and/or you visited those countries in real life), you feel sorry for them.

Ellendir Khandr

My daughter is CHD means has a cardiopatici heart disease she hasn’t COVID what I said you can find in the group of Second Life Friends Ingave Asked for to the author to this post to don’t post it saying I was done about it After I read that is published and without my consense So please remove it Ty

Karen Brady

"I just ask for RESPECT"

sorry Ellen you don't find any humor or RESPECT, I can tell you what i find unfunny is your country importing tens of thousands of chinese workers to perform slave labor @ .20 Cents an hour for 22 hour shifts. often the women are forced to bring the children to help them, while new mothers are expected to breast feed infants while sewing clothing none stop on the assembly lines.

It's easy to cast a stone online then deal with rapid human rights violations in your own country.


Estoy de acuerdo con Ellendir Khandir. Fuerza!!! un abrazo a todos desde Argentina.
I agree with Ellendir Khandir. Strength!!! a hug to all from Argentina.
Editar o eliminar esto


Children are extremely safe and will make it out of COVID19 as with any mild flu, so calm down Ellendir, you guys will be fine. In a week or two your child will have built by gift of his/her own immune system a brand new and lifelong immunity and will laugh at this hysteria. And you will do the same. Get your vitamin D, avoid sugars and eat well. Leave your mother alone and make sure she has the food she needs. You'll make it. I am Italian.

Wagner James Au

Ellendir -- I'm very sorry for my misunderstanding, I've amended the post.

David Cartier

I'm glad that I'm not the only one to be totally offended and put off, by these masks and bandannas, et c offered as fashion accessories in SL. As a fashion 'accessory' they are on the same level as pink triangles and yellow stars. It's not simply tacky and insensitive; we also need a break from all of the masks we have to see in our real lives.

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