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Tuesday, March 24, 2020


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Everybody is more creative and smarter than Ll. Even Wookies.

Just sayin

Ezra 2.0

The real victim was Blocksworld, now discontinued on the Google Playstore and no longer on linden labs about business page.

Blocksworld has been discontinued, when at one point it had hundreds of thousands of users and way more popularity.

Disappointed this guy came in badmouthing the last CEO's mini gaming empire, dismantling it, then over 5 years has run whats left into the ground.


Isn't bragging about working on Flash kind of like putting navigator of the Titanic on your resume?


One-dimensional internet interacation? I see black for someone trying to do 3D when he obviously already has problems identifying the right number of dimensions present in a plane as found on a computer monitor...

Just saying...

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