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Tuesday, March 10, 2020


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Positive or negative, this will age like fine milk.

Angelina Sinclair

That's just sick. I would never but from a Creator who thought to make fun of such a dire situation. This thing is worsening by the day, not getting better. We need to be taking this very seriously because we all know love ones who are at risk.

But ya know, it'll all on deaf ears with these idiots. Natural selection will deal with them when the virus sneaks into their lives. :P


This type of “topical” dark humor has been common in Second Life for two decades. It’s sort of a self-parody on commercialism as well as a genuine attempt and making a few quick bucks on a fad.

If you don’t appreciate the dark humor that’s fine, it’s sort of made to evoke reactions in the first place. But calling it sick is pretty sensationalist. Inspect it a little closer.

Bixyl Shuftan

One of my friends came up with a music parody several weeks ago, when it didn't seem so bad - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34855586/


I think some need to take a Covid 19 branded chill pill.

Candy68 Resident

It’s sad to think there’s actually people out there willing to try to make a buck on something as contagious as this is an as deadly as this can be. Don’t waste your money otherwise he will feel like he was the smart one.


Its not even that bad. bout time someone made light of it. people worry and stress so much it happens every year and the government makes money off of the vulnerable buying all the supplies so props for making money off it as well

Foot Held

my Sharona could use a little my Corona Redo =)


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