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Thursday, March 19, 2020


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Former Bear Maker

In breaking news, Linden Research has been sold to Wookey Virtual for an undisclosed sum, both Sansar & Second Life are in the process of being rebranded in the coming months. It also means an end to all Adult Content in Second Life, Unfortunately!


@Former Bear Maker, got a link to that info?


I knew that Ebbe guy would end up killing SL or bankrupt the company forcing them to sell.

I am cashing out my linden dollars today!

Mart Lou

Those who seen this in Iwz knows they better cash out ASAP!!

Argo  N.

So, another topic -- SL friends who manage a large university site are very busy gearing up to bringing many virtual classrooms online using SL by the end of the month. I certainly hope this works out well but I expect it will depend on prior investment, staff depth and clever student interns.

Others faced this challenge, below is another perspective.


I've followed Iggy's writings on SL since I got into this racket (SL)
more than a decade ago. First praise, followed by disillusion - he is, I believe showing all the signs of a failed romantic. Like the secret fan
of a once great baseball team, I think he still believes that second chance magic sometimes happens.

Iggy 1.0

@Argo, yep. Not even a secret fan.

One of my colleagues remarked that we are both jilted lovers: we saw SL's utopian promise, only briefly, before it faded. Yeah, we'd both like it to come back. I recall how Burning Life with its interactive artwork showed me what was briefly possible.

I have been logging on a bit recently, even taking a few laggy, border-crossing (at one's own risk) road trips along empty mainland roads. Kinda like the RL roads now: less crowded, a little spooky even. Thanks for reading my stuff. I've not posted for years to "In a Strange Land" but may do a "Van Winkle" post about waking up and finding what I found. Got a bit of spare time and bandwidth now.

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