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Monday, March 23, 2020


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If supported by Linden labs 100 percent of proceeds should be going to a registered charity.

Liz Harley

Agrees with Tzeitel. If supported by Linden labs 100 percent of proceeds should be going to a registered charity. Shakes my head.


I think it's wonderful that LL is backing a charity. HOWEVER... I agree with both Tzeitel and Liz. Many of us have sick family members too (children, parents and siblings). Would Linden Labs also support us if we were willing to organize charity events where 50% would go to the charity and the other 50% go directly to the suffering family member?

Tyche Szondi

I have to agree with the other commenters. There have been huge amounts of fundraising events in SL where LL offered little to no support when organizers reached out. Events where ALL (what's left after LL takes their cut anyway) of the funds raised were being donated to charity. I do not belittle anyone for wanting to raise money for whatever they want, I can always choose not to donate. My problem lies with LL throwing so much support behind this when they not done so for other events that gave 100% of proceeds to charity and were able to prove so.

Liz Harley

Wonders when Linden Labs will address these concerns and questions raised by residents.


Can you please explain why you keep removing my comment? there is nothing defamatory in it. Just a couple of questions for linden labs.


Thank you for changing course and giving 100% to a charitable entity


Yes, thank you for listening


It's great to see a change of position and that 100 percent of donations is going to a great registered charity.

Unfair Advantages

Linden Lab is not transparent at all in which residents' personal projects they sponsor 100%. How many "businesses" in SL are currently funded by the lab? Just look at what they are promoting, and you will see.

Soda Sullivan

Who? He has not performed in SL since 2016 and they are handing him four sims free??? Meanwhile the LEA is practically gone and artist who are STILL in SL and STILL creating something special and drawing large audiences can get no help from LL whatsoever. Favoritism much?

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