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Tuesday, March 24, 2020


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Adeon Writer

The numbers could be skewed a little as well: I own the game just because it came free with my preorder of a Valve Index headset, but I don't particularly have an interest in playing it.

But I might play it anyway just because it's on my account.


A ton of people have been buying Valve Indexes the past few weeks, since they re-opened orders for it. Three of my colleagues, for starters. We've watched the shipping estimates go from 2 weeks, to 4, to 6, and now at least 8 weeks.

That install base you're referencing could be a bit larger than when you first did the calculations, but I think Valve really missed a big opportunity being out of stock for so long.


Oh I ordered within the minute of them going on sale and was told 8 weeks. Most people will be waiting far longer.

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