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Wednesday, March 25, 2020


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Adeon Writer

I guess those VR headsets are finally arriving in the mail.

One inaccuracy though, while it is true that the majority of VRChat users do use steam, this is only really true if you take "majority" to mean "More than half"

Those who use Oculus brand headsets tend to not use Steam, but instead use the Oculus Home version of VRChat. These useres are not tracked on Steam, and they're considerable.

Wagner James Au

VRChat's community person reported 17,600 concurrent users last Friday, while on that same day, Steam tracked a peak of 10,831 users in VRChat. That's how I'm inferring the majority of VRChat users come in via Steam. (That and the fact that Steam's active userbase is like 100x larger than Oculus'!)

Adeon Writer

10K on steam to 7K on Oculus? That’s not 100x. That’s about 1.3x

Wagner James Au

I mean Steam itself has about 100M active users:


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