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Monday, March 30, 2020


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Ezra 2.0

Philip Rosedale(Co-Owner of LL)seems to not be up to date with his older dependable cash machine!

Linden Lab killed all real new 3rd party viewer features with the 'shared experiences policy' with most just reduced to updates.

Look at the Black Dragon Viewer they are always trying to put up walls to anything new he adds or forces him to remove them.(because they don't want to pay a developer to link those features server side)

Blame the problems on Firestorm & Black Dragon for 5 years stagnation? not because money was used to fund a flop for a half decade, while he used other peoples money fund another flop even longer.

He sure gave a rats behind about the HF community you can bet even less for that old trusty cash machine his buddy Ebbe so affectionately refers to it.

Give me a break! one day Philip soon your going to login for one of those 'Talk to the Chief' events were people used to flock to you and talk about the good old days well soon enough your gonna find no one cares or even knows who you are.

Remember Philip it's always Pride before the Fall.


if Linden fixed the UX then it would go down as well with the established users as it did when Microsoft fixed Windows 7 by giving their users Windows 8. Which got rolled back with Windows 10

sirhc desantis

I dunno, in 13 years I never found the viewer UI all that hard - ok I kvetched about the initial 2.0 debacle because it was frankly poo (hey, lets get a bunch of people who have no clue about the platform to do it - SOP) but now I switch between sing, SL viewer and even bloatstorm in whatever config I left it last (I like some of the extra tools) without blinking an eye. Why is it seen as hard - or do we need a 'press this button to have everything done for you' interface =^^=

Onboarding (is that a real word) and retention are a different matter but a little live handholding works wonders. (Coughs community gateways cough cough)

Argo N.

Aside from the black viewer vs white viewer discussions, I think there's something more potent that the Labs can do to increase their concurrency. Its not technical either. I have been watching a lot of newbies, players with just a few months (or days) and even returnees not connecting with anyone. Its a long standing problem. Lots of nice architecture but not much social capital. Result - the opportunity to make strong connections with others in SL happens rarely. This wasn't the case back in the fab years. Long time ago the Labs sponsored the Mentors which was a huge win. The idea was super, but, managing the volunteers who made up the Mentor cadre was too big a problem and the program was scraped.
I'm not calling for its resurrection, but something like greeter who could make that essential early connection at places where newbies and others commonly land would pump up enthusiasm. There's a human element here that sorely needs addressing.

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