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Thursday, April 30, 2020


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I agree with Tan Mojo. I have watched the Travis Scott event on YouTube at least 20 times by now. But not 20 times the same video, but each time from a different Fortnite player. And every video is unique because it is always recorded from the player's perspective. There are certainly more than 1000 different videos of the event on YouTube. There is even a 360° recording that you can watch with a HMD (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8dWAt4Vel8 ).

This event was a big step on the way to a future metaverse. I do not like Fortnite. The animations of the avatars are horrible and the game concept is so 1990s. I don't like rap music either. But the Astronomical event is the best virtual entertainment I have experienced on the internet so far. Epic Games has created something epic!

sirhc desantis

Like Gordon, I watched several different takes which says a lot - there was enough 'coo' factor in it despite that hyperactive *best redacted* vid you originally posted =^^=
Very impressive. And yep it is a massive step to get away from the pew pew mind numbing run and gun side.
Basis for the metaverse? Heard that before but at least its a good stab at it. Interested to know what tools will be available. Over the years yes I tried SL, Blue Mars, the other failed thing, Sansar, HiFi, a toe in SineSpace (and will say that still has skin in the game) but the only one that stuck is SL (includes OS as its pretty much the same from most points of view - xferrable skills, whatever little I have, for one). For a start its reasonably stable (ha), has reasonable script capability (with documentation - come on, not going to wait another decade for a bloody user generated wiki - times too short!) and a user base but mostly - because it pays for itself for our little group, covering a handful of premiums with enough left over for ahem *fun*. Enough in fact to drop 30 bucks this week on tools from another user.
Now anything that can offer what I already have access to with bonuses gets my attention. This could be it.

Tan Mojo

Wow! Thanks for providing focus on my comment. It is an honor. I've been a NWN lurker for years and finally felt compelled to speak out.

SL has rightly evolved into something that is unique to itself. I have a sim there and enjoy my time inworld. The concept of mainland is something that has yet to be replicated. It is unique to SL and I never want to see that disappear. I truly wish SL continued success for many years to come.

I believe that if LL can integrate SL into the cloud the right way (retooling for cloud architecture), they could transform SL into a modern version of itself. It could become a contender for what the metaverse will be like going forward. Things will break. Chaos will ensue. But, it's the only way forward.

What the Fortnite Travis Scott event taught me was that the metaverse will be born from a conglomeration rather than a singular source. This thinking helps me stay open-minded and to check out new things. Fortnite never entered my mind until NWN posted the video. And now, I'm looking at things in a new light. I appreciate the insight.


The concept of a "metaverse" by it's very nature changes every time someone tries to define it. When the IEEE working group set a definition, I don't think they anticipated just how fluid the concept really is. Our good friend Will Burns steadfastly sticks to the IEEE definition. But sooner or later he's going to find that the original definition no longer fits the direction that "the metaverse" travels. It's almost a thing unto itself, and it changes just like people do. Neal Stephenson's definition no longer fits what the IEEE wrote, and today, the IEEE definition is like a square peg in a round hole.

Wagner James Au

"Fortnite never entered my mind until NWN posted the video. And now, I'm looking at things in a new light. I appreciate the insight."

I appreciate your insight that helped enforce my insight!


Sounds like fortnite is going to become the next Sims, how many teens do you think would give up shooting and go fishing instead? Sounds highly unlikely.

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