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Monday, April 27, 2020


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sirhc desantis

Some seriously neat effects in there, Shame about the 10 year old frenetic 'things' jumping up and down :) Sums up fortnite I guess?

( clearer angles here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t1ytL21OKQ )

Yeah agree that it was 'prerecorded' but as a showcase - really pretty not bad at all.

Oh now I have to go and make a flaming mic stand to hold over my head for no apparent reason


It's incredible how technically impossible 95% of that is in Second Life. Does Linden Lab hope for things like this? This is where so much of Second Life becomes a non-starter.

Take just Travis, he'd have to be an animesh object rigged with Bento, a winged cenotaur glued ontop of Ruth who outside animators will not want to deal with. Then having to understand what LI is and why Travis is 10k and can't be bigger than 64 meters and the space he occupies is only 256x256m with a 40 person capacity.

Nevermind how uploaded sounds can only be 10 seconds long and they'd need a shoutcast server.

Nevermind how with even 100s of emitters, SL's particle system couldn't accomplish 1/10th of those effects.

Nevermind even with recently released EEP glued ontop of old Windlight, they woudln't be able to accomplish dynamically changing the sky and world so drastically.

Second Life still wins in that anyone can join anytime and throw on a concert to tens of people a day whereas this is obviously super coordinated and we'll only get a few a year from a few big artists. But still, incredible how technically behind Linden Lab has allowed Second Life to be, and how they built Sansar even more crippled when Sansar had all the resources in the world to be able to match something like this.

Luther Weymanns

For SecondLife this Fortnite example is what happens when you have a static company with a static application for twenty years. When they take sixty-million in capital out for a product that is a none starter and another forty million in capital out for the stockholders, you end up with SecondLife. A very untraditional software company that is incapable of a competitive business model.

Top Down

This is complete BS getting excited over this all they did was play a soundtrack over effects besides the music is shit I'll take a live stream in SL with a real performance any day.


i thought it was quite cool

Tan Mojo

This was life changing. For a person like me who wants to become a content creator, this was a huge realization that the metaverse does not lie within known pastures. SL, Sansar, OpenSim, VRChat, High Fidelity, Sinespace - all of these platforms INTENDED to become the metaverse have all failed in their own way (although I still have hope for Sinespace).

And here comes Fortnite with cartoony graphics, player base of kids, twitchy gameplay, and now live social events! Not intended to be the metaverse, but is starting to morph into one. The goal of Epic Games CEO is to transform Fortnite into a social hub that supports monetized user created content. Fortnite already has a creative mode and now offers a non-combat hub/map.

Yeah, the music was prerecorded and the entire event was pre-scripted. But, it was one of the most visually stunning things I've ever seen. The audience was not passive either. The event manipulated player actions, clothing, and surroundings.

This is a significant event. 12.3 million in attendance. Epic Games has the technological infrastructure to spin up 100,000+ virtual instances to accommodate that many people. It has made me rethink what the metaverse could be and who might be involved in actually creating it.

I downloaded Fortnite last night. I'm looking forward to this weekend of exploring the non-combat aspects of it. I also plan to do this Core and hopefully soon, Crayta, via the Stadia platform.

Minecraft was the writing on the wall. This Travis Scott Fortnite event just broke that wall.

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