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Tuesday, April 28, 2020


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All the hugs and peace to the family on both sides of the screen.

CC Columbo

"Reportedly"? I question your use of the term. If you had read and understood at the comment at the top of the post on The Poultry Report you would see that I was posting for her on the blog. You can trust she is gone as I buried her on Sunday, helping to fill in the grave myself. Further, your use of "hosted" is probably a typo for "posted." As I taught my students, read your copy aloud to spot issues such a this.

Wagner James Au

Thanks for the typo catch, fixed. I say "reportedly" or other wording in situations like this as I want to be cautious, no offense at all intended.

Very sorry for your loss, CC!


Hamlet the clickbait ghoul. *golfclap*

Marx Dudek

Your reply to CC's response to you reads like a social media manager responding to an irate customer, Hamlet.

You could have, I don't know, started off with some words of condolence, since you are speaking to one of the people grieving Uccie's death the hardest.

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