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Monday, April 13, 2020


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It would work the exact same way, @Hamlet. I believe the Daft Punk song, "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" fits any and every new MMO (Traditional and Social) perfectly.

When it comes to Social MMOs such as SL or any equivalent successor, creators have to have the time to learn the new platform and all its features that come with it, such as the engine, etc. The end users, on the other hand, simply have to learn the platform, regardless of the platform. Both, in the end, and after some time looking at the new game ultimately decide for themselves whether they want to evolve and invest into the new platform, or stagnate and remain where they are now. That Day One experience for everyone when it goes live is crucial as you get to see the tutorials and more that the game has. Basically, you're learning how to play the game and understanding its fundamentals. In fact, like sports, you need the fundamentals to become a better player. You simply just can't blow them off and think you can jump right in.

As for beta testers, they're essential as they're the ones who identify the bugs and problems that the devs would miss... and the devs do miss a lot of issues that players would pick up on almost instantly. Tuning issues in Traditional MMOs... to syncro issues with the viewer as it pertains to Social MMOs. Everything is vital, especially when a company develops and releases a brand new MMO. They need everyone to start from scratch for these very reasons. That's part the Day One experience. The other part of that Day One experience... I've already said it time and time again... is that you get to start over and build something "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger".


I could not agree more with the both of you. Day one culture is HUGE. As a Music VaRtist, this day one experience keeps itself fresh for so much longer I have felt. With the main focus on creating a cohesive experience that accompanies the music with a sense of purpose rather than just simply being a listening party, makes it feel much more like "a game within a music video within a game." My hope is to introduce more like minded artists who understand the medium to join in a movement to offer an even more engaging, thought provoking and allover immersive music experience.


Alicia was the only one who didn't get what Luther was talking about. She quoted and took his words out of context, criticizing him without understanding. Part of what she wrote was ok, but that was not what was proposed. Other readers tried to explain the fallacy. In fact the proposal was really good.


I agree with the "day one" experience. But, It would be nice to be able to import an existing inventory, and not have to keep buying crud. I'm so over owning umpteen different versions of the same chair. Or gun in an FPS MMO. Or pets. You get the idea. This is what the concept of a gaming wallet holds promise for.


The proposal was not good Ava. In every brand new MMO (Traditional and Social), there's a learning curve (IE: DAY ONE), that everyone goes through. That's how you learn the game. Luther literally meant what he said. None of "... name, money, friends list, and a whole group of things could go back and forth." goes with you when you play a brand new game. Period! If that ever happens, then you literally ruin and destroy that initial experience for everyone who's brand spanking new. Everything Luther said in that one, lone sentence literally destroys communities before they can even begin.

If it ever happens, then don't bother putting out anymore traditional or social-based MMOs. Ever.

Luther Weymann

Well, at least I got people to talk about what I wrote, and they are doing so with lots of passion. Now, if we can get the real decision-makers to make comments here, this could be called progress. Um, yeah, I realize that’s not going to happen, but you all keep going on with the kind comments, there is some good stuff being said. Meanwhile, over in my sandbox, I’m making stuff.


I feel like this person is suggesting content made for a virtual world should be convoluted in a way that does not allow the import of pre-existing content.

That’s so wrong I’m not even going to comment further.

Perhaps we should ban textures made in photoshop too. Make some unique art program and you have to draw them all from scratch. See how silly it sounds?

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