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Monday, May 04, 2020


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Many years ago in the early days of the internet, Cybertown made magic happen. There was no such thing as "game servers" back then. So how do you throw a concert for thousands of fans around the world? You cheat. They created a floating viewer "platform" that held maybe a dozen or so "guests". That platform resided in your blaxxun cache. it functioned like any other room on their server. but the stage was a separate server with a sky shell that had the appearance of numerous platforms hovering around the stage. All that you saw was your platform, maybe a couple of guests on your platform with you, and the stage off in the distance. The band was piped through the Real Networks audio platform.

As far as live concerts go, I'm not going to pick on either SL or Fortnite. Each does what they can to make the experience as exciting as they can. Also in that Respect, I hope the new owners of Sansar can have great rocking concerts, 'cause its akin to magic, no matter what the game or decade!

Adeon Writer

It's fair because even if it was pre-recorded, you can't do it pre-recorded in Second Life either.


One of Linden Lab's last major pivots for Sansar was concerts, particularly EDM via the partnership with the Monstercat record label. I don't think it's coincidence Linden Lab focused on this right after Marshmello's concert in Fortnite.

If you look at the Marshmello concert in Fortnite, and what became of Sansar the last year, it's easy to see the inspiration. I just found it mouth-dropping how after a year of trying to catch up with the Marshmello performance tech, Epic completely changed what a virtual concert can be again with the Travis Scott concert.

The bar has been upped way beyond what Second Life and Sansar can accomplish. I know Second Life is much more than concerts and music, but Linden Lab spent tens of millions of dollars in pursuit of what Epic has accomplished so well so I think Linden Lab should be super introspective and super uncomfortable with how far behind their tech is given how much this has been an expensive focus for them the last few years.

Masami Kuramoto

Proof that Fortnite is not the metaverse:

Try doing this in Fortnite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RedLyae4b2s

Epic's idea of a metaverse is nothing more than a controlled virtual environment where corporations can stream events to an audience of gamers. And then the gamers can go and buy licensed merchandise from those corporations, to be worn while playing THE GAME. And that's about it. It's an entirely top-down, few-to-many affair, sort of a cyberpunk version of grandpa's television. It's not like Epic is giving YOU the tools to pull off something like that in Fortnite, on a budget, while remaining largely in artistic control.

Of course I do agree that Second Life as a platform needs an upgrade, a technical overhaul. Improved content creation tools, import options, better shaders, a state-of-the-art reference avatar mesh etc. But there's a reason why it's still around after almost two decades, despite multiple attempts to replace it.


What's looking easier and more likely, Linden Lab moving to make Second Life as technically impressive as Fortnite for niches like this, or Epic moving to make Fortnite, or a spinoff, include user-created and sold products and experiences?

Epic already provides Unreal Engine and Quixel as content creation tools. They already have marketplaces and systems of user-to-user transactions in the Unreal Asset Store and the Epic Games Store. They pour millions into the idea of everyone being able to create freely and inexpensively with all the software and projects funded by the Epic Mega Grant including tools us SLers can't do without like Blender.

Fortnite pales in comparison to Second Life and Sansar in a ton of ways, but to me it seems like Epic is closer to creating a huge modern metaverse than Linden Lab is.

Epic just has to decide to marry the side of their business that's super into user-created content and user-to-user economies with the side of the business responsible for Fortnite. I'd bet on this before I bet on Linden Lab deciding to finally meaningfully improve Second Life.

Wagner James Au

Yeah I was not super impressed with the Marshmellow show -- it was nice, but what made it "only in a virtual world-y"? I feel like they were copying old/current SL shows. Then this Travis Scott thing came along and just totally changed the game (in the game).

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