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Thursday, May 07, 2020


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Catalina Staheli

This may be one of the best posts you've ever put out. Very deep and humbling and so very true. I am happy to see things like this put out.

Thank you very much!

Adeon Writer

I have always had a love-hate relationship with old SL content.

It’s wonderful you can go on a trip to memory lane, but the fact that Linden makes sure that old stuff still works properly is why SL never improved. It just fell behind and became outdated.

There is so much they simply can’t do without breaking their almost two decades of content. And they won’t.

Because there’s someone out there who it means everything to, and they understand that.

And, for the first time, I do too.


If you do not have any physical or mental disabilities and the only thing that keeps you away from thriving in RL is your own lack of action, lack of confidence and huge laziness to work with yourself - then good luck hiding in SL for whatever time period you decide, nothing will change. Same behavior patterns will pop out in virtual world as well. No wonder why so many dramas are going on. Life is about falling and getting up again! And let me emphasize - i am talking about people who could do or be! Not the ones with disabilities.


+1 Luther

sirhc desantis

Lovely post. And @Adeon - thanks

Time to dig out 'Watch the World' Robbie Dingo for my semi annual wonderment recharge



And I just posted a blog about how bad my new SL business is doing, with two locations.



Wonderful post. My life in SL quite possibly saved my life, and it did save my sanity during very trying times. My SL house is only house I will ever own, and it was my heaven.

Marianne McCann

This this this. A thousand times this.


Wow. I am moved beyond words.

Chris T

Has to be one of the most thoughtful, kindest, best things that's ever been written about Second Life. It's on my profile front page now (attributed to Luther) - Well done.

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