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Monday, May 11, 2020


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Adeon Writer

> I mean, if Valve really wanted Alyx to be a loss leader, why not package it with an Index and sell the Index for, well, $149?

Why would they do that? It would put every other headset marker out of business. They wouldn't be able to compete. Valve wants to make VR mainstream. The want *other companies* making headsets, and for there to be a VR technology war. You don't do that by outpricing everyone you want to use your technology.


As I think about it, Valve has some motivation to see VR succeed. They have a tremendous library of 3rd party titles in Steam that I'm sure they are in negotiations with to convert to VR. Yes, their hardware is pricey, but it's what they're offering to keep people in their ecosystem. The last I remember, Microsoft still isn't allowing VR headsets to connect to their Xbox platform. And Facebook has a bigger picture as they broaden their vision to encompass pass-through AR on their hardware. So from my perspective, the VR ball is in Valve's court now, and they're gonna run with it.

sirhc desantis

Not going to gainsay Ser Au on figures here (hell he pointed out before that it is what is available and I stand suitably chastened) but however you cut the cost per user - it gets doubled in this household. If you think splurging on a months rent is going to fly for anything less than two synched users.. you must live in yer Mum's basement.

Wagner James Au

> Why would they do that? It would put every other headset marker out of business

I mean, put who out business? Certainly not Facebook. Sony is doing fine too. Valve doing a huge price cut would just pressure on the competitors to follow suit, and if that grows the install base for VR, they'd all benefit in the end.

Adeon Writer

Valve has their vr tracking technology, called lighthouse. It’s open source. They want other headset manufacturers to use it so everything will be cross compatable. Buy one companies gloves, use it with someone else’s headset, and someone else’s body suit, and it LL just works together.

To do that they price their stuff more expensive to leave room for other companies to use their technology and price it at a discount.

Pricing out the completion makes that not happen.

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