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Wednesday, June 10, 2020


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No...and this is VERY irresponsible for Phil to push as a use-case.

From the Justice Department granting the DEA permission to conduct surveillance on protesters with the same tech they use on sophisticated drug cartels down to local law enforcement mass aggregating photos, videos and etc to identify protesters, the last thing we need is a new vector for them to attack like this that gives exact GPS locations at exact times with audio to boot.

I imagine all the data High Fidelity collects and shares is unencrypted as well.

No. This isn't like Twitter's moment with the Arab Spring. High Fidelity is a law enforcement surveillance godsend and Phil will hand over everything if a protest is organized on High Fidelity, some crime happens and law enforcement decides to subpoena.

Super irresponsible for Phil. Stay out this without laying out a laundry list of protections you have like end to end encryption and access control of servers and the lengths you're willing to go to resist law enforcement for your users.

sirhc desantis

What seph said.

Take a protest - break it in to 100 max chunks - target individuals and use their own 'intra-tracker' to pick off more - profit.


Also agreed with seph. There's very good reason protestors primarily use and should continue to use end-to-end encrypted messaging apps like Signal.

Either Philip somehow missed all the news over the past week about domestic surveillance of protestors or he doesn't care and is trying to use what's going on to get users onto his failed platform. Neither is a good look.

Philip Rosedale

I agree with these concerns, and we feel that one way we can be a force for good is to be serious about not collecting any data, and not building a business that is an any way dependent on such data. Here is what we are doing so far:

1. You do not create an account to use High Fidelity, you simply click on a server URL link (sent to you by the server host). What this means is that, as a visitor to a server, we do not have your email address or any other information about you.

2. The server machines that actually process the audio do not save any information - neither the audio not historical access data. Server machines are actively recycled - when there is noone on a server, the 'instance' (to use Amazon EC2 terminology) is removed from service to a standby list. This means that the server host (in addition to High Fidelity) also has no access to any sort of logging information.

Going forward, we will look into adding end-to-end encryption of the audio data to add additional security. We like this idea, but is is much more complex to design with the 3D spatialization we need to do as well... in short, the server needs to 'hear' the audio very briefly to mix it together for the receivers.

In summary, the lack of accounts and the fact that we don't log/store any information that passes through the individual servers makes High Fidelity a much more secure choice than something like Zoom or Google Meet. But, we agree with the focus on privacy and with continue to improve it in the future.


This is a "half empty/half full" scenario. A word in Philip's explanation comment that bothers me, is "Standby". HiFi might not be collecting any data, but who is to say that the Feds won't request IP data? Somewhere in the chain, the Feds will get the data they want. The only difference between US and China, is that China controls their IPs, and enforces the use of WeChat. How much longer before there is a global app that everyone must use? It won't be WeChat. Nor Facebook. But the best tracking algorithms of both.

Northern Kiara

"As we saw with the peaceful D.C. protest that was unexpectedly and violently broken up by the Trump Administration..."

On the news we see some rioting, violence, looting and arson in relation to the DC protesting. Peaceful protesting is one thing but when it turns into violence and rioting due to opportunist groups, then doesn't something need to be done to keep an area safe and secure for citizens? In other words; the protesting in DC turned into fertile soil for destructive behaviors which "the Trump Administration" was trying to control (to keep the peace and keep ALL citizens and property safe) which you failed to recognize in that sentence above. (Really lopsided "reporting". But this is the world we live in at the moment.)

Do you just let a fire keep burning (rioting and destruction) and "hope" that it eventually burns itself out, or maybe it will just fuel more and larger fires that harm many more in the end.

Pull the weeds (violent ideologies) in the garden early, before they grow and multiply and push out the plants that truly nourish and sustain us (peace, law, and order).

Giving violent and destructive ideas places to grow and spread, whether that place is a physical place or a virtual place, needs some thoughtful and mature considerations and safeguards. Peaceful discourse and action yes. But please …. have something in place to take care of the weeds.

Thank you


There were two dangerous even that week. The killing of George Floyd is emblematic of what Black Americans have been going through for the last 400 years. It may be that Americans have taken notice and change will happen. The second event that was even more dangerous to the whole American experiment was that our President was close to invoking the Insurrection Act. In other countries this is called Martial Law. What should that mean to Americans? It means unleashing the full armada of tools devised to defeat insurgencies. The US military has spent a lot of time perfecting and using these tools. Thank Providence it never came to that but reports are it was close. We need to think very carefully about both events because we are moving down the road to some ugly outcomes.

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