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Monday, June 08, 2020


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Frankly I'm all for racists being on SL. If they're on a computer, at least they aren't out raping children and murdering blacks. Just SL has to create an in world mechanism that allows normal people to pop their heads off like a cork. Now that's progress.


Good marketing move! It's so popular to scream "BLM" nowadays and almost guaranteed - you'll be accepted by masses. Don't bother getting into details, don't analyse what's happening from all angles. Just pick one trivial position everyone else has picked and scream "BLM". Companies will definitely try to build their marketing campaigns around it to become "closer" to their customers by singing in unison together.


It's not about being popular or being in the in crowd. It's not about appropriation or the like. This is about basic human rights and I agree with LL's stand and support them in it.


Totally agree with LL and AmandaMagick. In the last four years, basic human decency has taken a steep dive. When you have world leaders legitimizing all the darker facets of human nature as acceptable, even commendable, and basically breaking the path for such behaviour, well then, sheep will follow a cleared path.


Black Lives Mater.. including abortions, black gang violence, fatherless children, drug violence, or is it just the one way street when it comes to LE issues?

TD Gunner

Grat, I am all for fund raisers.

I would like to see Gorean erased in SL. It is misogynistic at its core and has slavery as an element. Can we all agree that Gorean should go? Maybe this would make a good topic for coverage in this blog?

Fed Up

@jackson - you need to clarify


How about supporting the innocent police officers like David Dorn killed by the protestors instead? I can not and will never support making a criminal in to a martyr.

Chestnut Rau

What I want to know is how many Black people are in management at LL? How many are on the Board? How diverse is the workforce generally? How does LL ensure the work environment supports Black people and makes sure their voices are as loud as their White colleagues? If the LL workforce is not diverse and supportive of Black people what is LL's plan to improve. Tell me about that.

I am so sick of performative action I could scream.

BLACK LIVES MATTER. End systemic racism from the ground up.

sick of lies

david dorn was not killed by a protester he was killed by a looter. looters took advantage of the chaos happening with the protest to cause problems and wreak havoc, they are not part of the black lives movement.



I honestly hate seeing anything race related or political related on SL. I get that its a social media platform but its also an escape from RL troubles and issues. I am 100% tired of racism and politics in the real world let alone on SL too. I just wish I didn't have to see it in SL also. SL is a place to go to not be judged in any way shape or form and a way to express yourself in a positive way no matter what color you are or if you even play as an animal. Some info hubs in adult regions are just packed with ad boards with politics and other garbage. While I agree with some and disagree with some I just don't want to see it in SL even if I agree or disagree, keep that in the RL and lets be together as 1 in SL without the stupid separations RL has shown us. I love everyone no matter their color, no matter if they are a furry, or a dragon, or whatever someone chooses to be. We are all people nd we all have a common interest, Second Life. Politics, race, religion, and all that is not something everyone has in common and just creates separation when brought up.

What is going on

There are people doing fake BLM n Sl to rip you off of lindens one of them is a avi called bonafide luckstone she has a link in her IMs that is a fund to herself be careful i reported her but Sl has done nothing to stop her or this scam in sl.


I have a real problem now. LL has groups that promote black masters raping white women. I feel unsafe here and now an unwilling victim of funding a movement that harrasses gentle people simply because they are white. Goodbye. I will not be around to suffer the backlash. My friend in RL only two days ago in safe Hawaii was attacked for being a nice white girl by crazy lunatics. Like many things now sports corporations further alienate tolerant fair minded people. Goodbye SL

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