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Tuesday, June 02, 2020


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Oh boy. You would NOT want to know about the racist stereotype "Dark Urban RP" that goes on, then.

Just a bunch of old white boomers pretending to be "young black thugs"

It's very gross.

George Stickler

Please update this site with a responsive theme so people on phones and tablets can read it

Wagner James Au

Sorry I know it doesn't load well for many mobile devices! Which one are you using?


Ebbe doesn't care.


As a resident of sl since 2006, with the same avatar, as a black woman in and out of second life. LINDEN LABS, Y'ALL BETTER FIX THIS! Not "quietly" either. LL is already a shadow of its former self. I will not tolerate this sort of hatred meant in a world of fantasy. Ridiculous.

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