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Monday, June 29, 2020


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These numbers are so fairs.

Argo N.

Seems to mimic infection rates on the east coast US and over in the EU. You probably can't get this kind of data but it would be useful to see how the curve looks by demographic and geographic breakdown. Businesses have gotten good at knowing their customers buying habits, in fact, its become critical to operating a business, living in modern times as we do. BTW I was listening to an old podcast by a fairly well known data science person. She was asked by the interviewer this question: when she was a newbie data scientist what datasets did she work on to prefect her knowledge and techniques? She listed a couple of large more or less public datasets but the list also included a quick mention of looking at Second Life users. I am guessing that took place back in the SL's fab era (2005-2010) That LL is also doing something this might be guessed from an pretty old posting I read about what it was like to work at LL. This staffer said he was pleased, he got to work on many things including Hadoop (Apache Hadoop is a necessary evil if you are doing data science at scale.). The post was kind of old,so its old information. Data Science isn't magic and will never replace good old creativity and skill, but it can illuminate unintelligible masses of data and help see the patterns and signal where only noise meets the eye.


I wouldn't be surprised to see usage slip as restrictions are eased in countries around the world. I've seen many old friends come back to SL in recent months, but its not surprising with warmer weather and the ability to see friends and family again that Second life usage starts to take a back seat. July and August will see probably see a further dip as it does every year, although it may be higher than last year as fewer people will be able to vacation away.

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