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Thursday, June 04, 2020


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Squeezy Lemon

So about the bail fund, I assume the org will also be bailing out people who are out rioting and looting and burning things to the ground too? I can't get behind that.

I also hope this fundraiser has far more transparency than the Haiti relief campaign some years back where Miss Barbecue was one of the primaries. That incident involved a great deal of money disappearing with no explanation or anything. (people still talk about it, btw)

I applaud people standing up and wanting to do something but I don't like when grifters descend to take advantage of emotionally charged situations and people. It is grotesque.

People taking money to donate to real world situations and orgs should come forth and bear their real life identities, in the name of accountability. There needs to be a very visible paper trail with a name. Anyone not doing that is someone that should be avoided in my opinion, because there is some shady business there

Wagner James Au

The fundraising process and transparency behind it is explained the co-organizer here:


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