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Thursday, July 02, 2020


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The game engine is very impressive. At least very fast and instant on mobile.

I wonder how they plan to bridge the gap between serious creators needing to earn a living off their creations vs. influencers a.k.a Twitch streamers looking to offer fast, free, brief distractions to their viewers like they do with 'Marbles on Stream'.

Marbles on Stream makes its money via in-app purchases for things like cosmetics and track builders. That's something most stream viewers never see though as they never have to load the game, just sign up for a round via a chat command and watch the streamer. Earning off in-app purchases requires masses of people being in-app, but the most successful stream game doesn't do this.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but there seems to be big disconnects between how Second Life creators create and monetize, and how Twitch streamers and their audience consume content with these kinds of games.

This is really cool though and I like the engine and I hope it becomes clearer how it can work out.

Adam Nova

I’m just not a fan of voxels.

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