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Tuesday, July 14, 2020


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Adeon Writer

Ok fine you nerd sniped me - It's the opposite of spherical space.

So flat space means space isn't curved. It's what our real world seems to be like, at least zoomed in the level of us tiny humans and our planet.

But what if it's not flat, what if it is curved?

Well, it could go two ways.

If it's positively curved, you end up with elliptical - or spherical - space. This means eventually, all paths lead back in on themselves, you'll end up back where you started, because positively curved space will eventually reach back on itself. Such a space is finite, there's only so much of it, yet there's still no edge. It just loops, like pacman!

Then there's negative curvature. You get hyperbolic space. As you travel around, space itself splinters off more and more. Start two people walking in straight lines and eventually they'll move apart. Like a grid with 5 squares around every intersection, instead of 4. It's just too much, you can't fit it into flat space.

Adeon Writer


sirhc desantis

Hyperbolic crochet - well I'm sold :)

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