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Thursday, July 23, 2020


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That's no surprise, really. Over 80% of casual gaming, and over 80% of social media use (and spending) happens on mobile devices, and has been that way for years. There is also a ridiculous amount being spent on user-created and remixed/derived content (that's when people retexture other ppl's models), though their variable rate fee structure makes it difficult to tell how much of that is going to user-creators vs. in their pockets (I've been told of much larger user cashout stats, but not sure how reliable the data is ad don't get regular updates).

I pointed that out on a few occasions at RL meetings with you and SineSpace execs, and have been hoping that they would have prioritized mobile platform support. Unfortunately they haven't (development on all platforms has stalled, but that's a separate conversation). The future is and will continue to be mobile.

It will be interesting to see how things play out as we make our way through this crazy year. While SineSpace develpment and CCU may have stalled, the rest of the industry has seen a massive surge in activity as well as user spending.


stopped reading after "not that much less than any single Second Life space can handle, before lag chokes out the entire experience. (Especially since Linden Lab refuses to cap"

Montecore Babcock

Lag in SL is usually user created. High resource usage on the client from high poly avatars and large and numerous textures in sim.

Wagner James Au

Yes lag is user-created... because Linden Lab won't directly address poor optimization of user-generated content to improve user performance.


I started in IMVU, after being given a writing assignment for the Metaverse Tribune as Allen Eppenberger a few years back. At first I couldn't see how it was useful. But it grew on me. And I actually spend more time in IMVU than SL. I will say there is more drama in IMVU as opposed to SL.


@Wagner, IMVU has had adult content since 2010 and possibly before then. There was also an IMVU Black Market for more precise adult poses. I should know because I used to have several of them. Second, IMVU also has users in the 30+ range demographic so that point is moot. And yes Wagner, I've been in IMVU off and on for nearly 10 years coming this November.

IMVU has the perfect setup for both browser and mobile as it doesn't require much. SL will never have that capability as mobile devices lack the capabilities to make it work. LL will try, but in the end it will be a pale and poor comparison to anything due to all the requirements SL will need.


Lag in SL is usually user created. & Real laggy. IMVU is less laggy unless someone puts high kbs and cant read room owners's chat room "info" about kbs. i got an SL my self, i am more of an imvu fan only. in imvu you can meet,create,join contest,very much much more. i'm an member since 2014 :)


Jacques Mesrine

Comparing a chatroom for kids with SL? Does that makes any sense? Really?


"Comparing a chatroom for kids with SL? Does that makes any sense? Really?"

You are aware that IMVU has people that are 30+ on there, right?

... and second, most of the people in SL act, look, or even dress like jailbait. The main difference is that IMVU profiles actually show a person's RL age because it's required.

Adeon Writer

Look ma, no Cloud Computing


IMVU was where I went when my laptop died a horrible death. I didn't socialize much but visited pretty rooms and dressed up my avatar. Unfortunately the mobile version has many limitations and there are features I wish were possible that you can do in SL. I got bored really quickly but at least I could play around with it on my iPad lol. I'm surprised it's just not being acknowledged tho tbh

Nodoka Hanamura

IMVU is a wee bit of a joke to me still. Yes, it's got a fuck ton of users, and I won't deny that it kicked LL's shit in on the Mobile department, but I'll always see IMVU as the 'sitting simulator' and nothing more.


been on IMVU for over 13 years myself and im over 30, am a long time creator and user, while IMVU has added mobile users to its line and thats where the majority of teen users come in even though mobile access is limited and tends to produce a faster turnover, overall IMVU is still used by many over 30. Lag issues are endemic in any 'game' like this and its almost always user created, as stated before users with high poly avatars and items put a huge load on a system and lag out those around them, I use IMVU more than SL and each format has its pro's and cons.


btw wanted to add that 20% on desktop is a bit stingy allocation wise and the 20% desktop users are the sole creators and content providers of clothing and items, rooms et all for IMVU's community, without them mobile would die


i like imvu for the scenery. chat rooms that look like you are at the beach or in a forest. u can furnish a private room, and can have outfits, hair styles, moves, voice boxes. it looks like fb meta will be ppls actual voices instead of texting chat in rl time on th screen.


Funny thing is... From my calculations, I think imvu lost about 75% of its members... Before mobile... Rooms were a lot more active... Now there are so many empty rooms on imvu. People are not that creative with their avatars anymore.... Lots of people just look the same. I've discribed the imvu classic client to lots of mobile users I've spoken to and lots of them actually said that Classic seems better than mobile and I've seen a few of them switch to PC now.

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