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Monday, July 13, 2020


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Robert Carlisle

Like everything that before it's time has a risk. I think this new acquirement will be the best thing that happens to SL and the fact that our economy is looking for new ways to connect. These new investors I hope will see where to position SL. It's not a game anymore, it's a gathering. My two cents. Re, DNAELITE

Nodoka Hanamura

From what I can assess of Waterfield, they're not interested in spinning off or liquidating assets. Anyone who looks at their website or reads up on them instead of screaming "Agni is on fire" like it's the status quo of things and assuming that we're on a decline (We're not, it's just that idiots complain that we are because up until recently we had net zero user growth).

Waterfield is a company that is interested in long term, hands off operations. Spinning off SL to pursue Tilia is a exercise in stupidity, as SL IS their biggest customer. Waterfield knew this when they signed on the dotted line, and on top of that, the Lindens have said that Waterfield has no intentions of changing TOS or cancelling or changing any upcoming changes to the platform such as the cloud uplift, and one of the duo being Waterfield, Brad Oberwager, has known Rosedale for 14 years in a professional and personal sense. I'm pretty sure the man who is the reason why SL, let alone this website even exists - wouldn't be buddy buddy with your run of the mill shithead who runs a Investment firm only interested in liquidation.

I swear, I hate to be blunt, James - but people who act like the sky's falling down really need to go out for a motherfucking smoke - of Pot or Nicotine, whichever poison is either legal or preferred.


Eu quero mais é que cresça!

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