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Monday, July 06, 2020


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You know, I was wondering the same thing... why a boring old clubby club? I didn't quite have flashbacks to Club Elite in Federal with BigJohn Jade, but still. :)

When watching Apple TV, the screen savers often seem superior to the channels that stream (looking at you, cable news). Sansar sometimes feels the same - they have this amazing portal teleport astral plane you're in while scenes load... it is often better than where you end up! But credit where credit is due, this is the first time I've hung out in Sansar for more than a few minutes, maybe they're finding their niche. Here's hoping there are more reasons to in the near future!


Also wondered why everything was set to night-time, given that the real festival is as much at day-time. A sense of time passing from day to night in the environment would have been the icing on what was a superb and so-far unique cake.

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