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Monday, July 27, 2020


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In short, it's what I've been saying the entire time.

SL's engine could never handle mesh because it was never built to handle it in the first place. It was built to handle prim-based tools.

For SL 2.0 to flourish, and it's not coming from LL, people need to start looking at Sinespace, which uses the Unity Engine, or even Core, via the Unreal Engine. Both engines are regularly updated and can handle what SL never could... and that's all the Mesh (rigged or unrigged), Animesh, Bakes on Mesh, and hell... even handle clothing physics once that gets fixed.

I can speak from my experiences in Sinespace thus far, and I can tell you this, once things start to come together from its developers (Adam and crew), mouths will drop. Granted, they're still getting things together, adding what needs to be added, and fixing the things that need to be fixed when nagged to death about them *whistles innocently*. Sinespace even has a weekly Tech Office meet up that's streamed via Twitch and Youtube that you can watch, or attend live at The Assembly Region; and they do talk about what they're up to while fielding questions from everyone at the same time.

Folks, the bottom line is that no matter how many hacks LL may put into SL to freshen it up, it's only a matter of time before a virtual world with an actual game engine comes up and surpasses/exceeds it.

Jesse Sondirra

Doubtful anyone could come along and give you what SL actually gives you. I am in SL to create environments from the pieces other people have created. There is no where even close that could provide me the content base to create the things I do.


"Doubtful anyone could come along and give you what SL actually gives you."

Stop right there.

What LL has given its users and creators over the years is a convoluted mess that they'll never admit, nor own up to. Second, games with actual engines can easily surpass anything LL can ever do with SL when given that chance to do so.

So you create environments that are approximately what, 2-3 blocks via a 256x256m sim square? Oh, and yes, I actually did the measurements via Google Maps. Yes, you can make some stunning sims on a 256x256m area, but what happens when you run out of that space... or prims for that matter. You have to remember, the scaling with avis, etc., is another convoluted mess as people in SL want big yards and space.

However, you're also forgetting all the mesh in that space that will harm everyone's latency. Not even a high-speed connection, 200, 300, etc., can ever offset this. This, in computer terms, is what's known as a bottleneck. Everyone in SL is bottlenecked because of it. That bottleneck comes from an old, outdated engine and more. Simply placing hacks and band-aids on something only fixes it for so long before everyone starts to notice the problems. Simply moving things to different servers, or even the Cloud, won't fix the problems. It's just another band-aid.

As for the last sentence, "There is no where even close that could provide me the content base to create the things I do." Never, say never.

Jumpman Lane

I just recently returned to Second Life after 3 years of playing The Elder Scrolls Online(fun game). I'll say this about the performance of SL vs that of ESO: I really don't mind SL's issues, lag, whatever.

In ESO I PvPed (player vs player) and it was a highly competitive environment. Death is frowned upon to say the very least. Killing someone involved tbagging, hours of arguing, 1v1's, and feuds that lasted YEARS.

I quit ESO and came back to SL due to PERFORMANCE. ESO is a game that the better you got at it, the worse it played. Tiny often insignificant bugs, unnoticed by newer players completely ruined the experience.

I'm a Grade 2 Grand Overlord in ESO right. It took 21 months to achieve that Alliance War Rank (the highest) on my PvP toon. It takes untold hours of theory-crafting (thinking up ways to create a viable "build" using all the tools available class, race, gear etc), testing, dueling, and actual FIGHTING in Cyrodill (PvP zone) to actually get good at that game. THEN...then, because of constant quarterly changes some bug gets introduced and you literally can not play the game as well as you could the day before an update was issued. I quit.

Occasionally, some bug or lag or SOMETHING will happen in SL and I'll go into an instant white hot rage (cause a bug will get you killed in ESO lol). Yet, I'll immediately calm down because it's just not that serious in SL. I'm not going to end up cussing a guy out for the next 3 hours because of something that happened (I died) because of a bug in SL. It's a bit of a relief. I'm calmer. And...I'm very happy to be back in SL.

If performance is an issue in Second Life, I just don't see it as something I can't live with.

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