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Thursday, July 16, 2020


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Marianne McCann

I guess saying that the results were kinda a push doesn't make for a good headline?


when the day comes that a majority of blog and forum reader residents express outright optimism about Linden will be the same day that ponies finally get to fly in the real world with rainbows on

/me looks for my rainbow wings :)

sirhc desantis

Not all that unexpected (and will stick to my inworld flying rainbow pony thank you kindly iri-san!).
Would be interesting to actually run a poll rezzed inworld so that people had to get off their posteriors and log in to vote.
Circa 200 ish responses? Simple booth well within LSL capabilities for that number complete with dupe checks (200 UUIDs not exactly a huge data chunk and trivial to scale that bit), filtering of obvious new accounts plus short comments direct to email if needed (theres even a newish function to simplify that bit).
Then run a comparison =^^=


39% of residents are pessimistic about anything LL does.

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