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Tuesday, July 28, 2020


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Kitty Revolver

I thought that LL owned ROBLOX?


Nope, ROBLOX Corp. created ROBLOX.

LL would literally screw it up.

Wagner James Au

I think you're thinking of Blocksworld, which Linden Lab apparently shut down recently:


Nodoka Hanamura

As a Phantom Forces player (at least I try to when I can be arsed to boot into windows), I can confirm that a fuckton of people play Roblox, even some adults.

I play because it's really damn easy to just hop into a game and play right away, and as for Phantom Forces, It's probably the best FPS i've played.


@Nodoka Hanamura, the keyword would be content.

ROBLOX has a crap ton of content that keeps people of all ages interested and immersed. MMOs, for that matter as well, have a crap ton of content to keep people of all ages interested. Suffice it to say, SL has content, but the problem is that the content in SL becomes boring and dull in a heartbeat. One can only use a pregnancy HUD so much before they become bored to tears with being pregnant. The Bloodlines stuff... people view that as more of a griefing tool and are sick and tired of them trying to bite people on every sim. The clubbing scene is utterly dull as people can go listen to a singer any day of the week. I could list more, but the bottom line is that the content in SL becomes utterly dull and boring before you know it.

People need content that can keep them immersed and engaged. It needs to be fun and have changes at every given turn for people of all ages. Why do you think Fortnite, ROBLOX, MMOs such as World of Warcraft, FFXIV - ARR (A Realm Reborn) or even free-to-play ones such as Lord of the Rings Online are able to keep people immersed? It's because there's always a new way to play, stay immersed and engaged.

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