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Sunday, July 26, 2020


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Wagner James Au

Pro-tip: It starts off a little slow and some of the animations (especially lip sync) is a bit distracting but stick with it! Story is interesting and the visuals are *amazing*.


NOT the ending I was expecting! Bravo!! If there is any kind of award that the default world film industry gives out for machinima, This is a perfect candidate!

Wagner James Au

What a twist eh?! I could see the Sci-Fi channel picking this up, giving it one last spit and polish, and putting it out there!


It was not that great to be honest.

If the creator of that machinima intended that to be Blade Runner-esqe, then he failed at every turn. There was hardly any day/night changes to begin with that should have given many of those scenes better overall depth, and perhaps even adding weather changes such as cloudy or even rain.

Second, the soundtrack. It did not fit the machinima at all, and caused the whole picture to be off. Again, I have to refer to Blade Runner because of the fact that when I watched this, I had to picture the Blade Runner soundtrack going on at the right moments of this movie as opposed to using full-out electronic music (which would only have worked during club scenes).

Third, and I had half-hoped it would be more fisticuffs than martial arts, but why did he have to choose martial arts over fisticuffs? The fight scene was wasted by adding in upbeat music. The music for that scene should have been more subtle, or none at all but sound effects when they're blocking or actually landing a blow.

Overall, this should have been more of a mystery, but in then end, the attempt fell flat. Not only that, but the voice acting felt forced and too serious like most movies of today.

I'm sorry to say, but the movie as a whole literally fell flat.


But but the reporter said it was made by the Orson Welles of Secondlife!

How can it possibly suck?

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