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Friday, August 07, 2020


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Shug Maitland

what's old is new ---- still:

ps. the "read the rest here." link is broken


There is racism and hate.
There is also a weak argument here. I'm concerned because the right wing extremists try to cherry pick weak arguments a lot now, and they try to use those as a red herring to attack and discredit the whole thing and to gain support; but the presence of a weak argument doesn't make the valid arguments less valid.

I'm not sure that

Many creators will not create for bodies like Hourglass, Sking, and Ebody Curvy because they’re predominantly worn by Black women who want a more ‘ethnic’ based curve to their bodies.

In fact, for each brand that offers a curvier version of their bodies, the curvier version is the most popular and supported one.
- Slink Hourglass is more popular than Slink Original. If a creator supports Slink you can be sure that there is an Hourglass version in the box, but the Original not always.
- Belleza offers several female bodies, but Freya, the curvy one, is essentially the only one supported now.
- Ebody too shows the same pattern: the Curvy version always got more clothes than the classic one.

The fact is that Ebody has a tiny market-share, it gained a bit of interest at one point (still small) and perhaps because they had 1 L$ versions, but now I hardly see new clothes made from any Ebody, except something made out of old third party templates.
Sking is even less popular, but they serve some small niches (e.g. they also have body-builders versions among their special shapes)

Who shops a lot can easily notice that, but there are also surveys always.
Seraphin reported the results of their survey this June and this is the graph about the most worn female bodies (note that Sking is several bodies but «In some instances e.g. Altamura and Sking we grouped all their bodies as one brand due to the numbers of individual bodies sometimes falling under the 20 responses.»):
Here are the whole results:

Maitreya dominates the market so much, that some creator only makes Maitreya exclusives. Maitreya gained that popularity for many reasons, among which being cheaper than TMP in 2014, having an esier to use HUD at that time etc. Then they became a sort of de-facto standard.
Then, recently, Legacy has gained some popularity, despite the previous TMP disappointment and despite being heavy, overly scripted and having your data outside SL, again on a third party external server, interfaced to a cumbersome HUD based on media-on-a-prim.
But perhaps a reason is that Legacy is more anatomically realistic than Maitreya and they may have been better at marketing it this time.

However, when the creators pack a box for multiple bodies, guess what? The two alternatives to be most likely included in the box are precisely the curvy Hourglass and Freya.

Thus I don't think the cause here is racism, although there may be creators that are more or less racist and that don't care for black people.


Note: when I say the "two alternatives", above, I mean the alternative to Maitreya (and now Legacy).


Maitreya has the lionshare mainly because creators are pigeon-holed into signing an idiotic exclusive deal with them. Bare in mind, folks, that the Maitreya body was the most basic, and wrongly weighed for years, body thanks to Onyx herself. As for those links with the graphs, notice how extremely disproportionate they are. How is it that Maitreya is either two or five times ahead of the second best body in SL... oh yeah, Maitreya fangirls keep farming the vote machines. Not to mention... how many verts does the Maitreya body have again?

Blaise Glendevon

@Alicia - I have heard rumors of the 'exclusive' deal for years, but all the top designers rig for multiple bodies. This sounds seriously baseless.

Also, nobody cares about verts or polygons or whatever.

Wagner James Au

@Shug -- thanks, fixed!


tbf to Linden they have in recent months allowed quite a few RL-SL intersectional forum threads to run without closing them down. Conversations that Linden never used to allow on the forums

Jumpman Lane

Skins, bodies, the AVATAR says a lot about who you choose to be in Second Life. In a virtual world, where you can be anything and anyone you want to be; what is most troubling as a HUMAN being of ANY race, is that which is deemed as cultural appropriation. Worse to me is when those appropriating another's culture do so ONLY to perpetuate the very worst stereotypes, promoting a sort of racism that is far more dangerous as it is more pervasive and "seemingly" more harmless because it "innocently" reflects what we all SUPPOSEDLY believe about other people, whom we don't even know.

Takes this (I reckon) nice German lady blogger: Caroline Takeda. She has this little NSFW blog ( https://www.second-life-adventures.com/black-whores-second-life/?utm_source=ReviveOldPost&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ReviveOldPost )where she promotes her virtual prostitution activities. I stumbled upon this troubling post of hers, where SHE, NOT being black OR American, brazenly uses the worst and most racist stereotypes, calling it a NICHE. To her, putting on a black avatar and being black (as she can only imagine blacks are) is just marketing. Yet, what she markets is racist to say the least. If one holds true that all men are created equal, and wish to support that premise in thought, action and deed; then, one most challenge and condemn such "innocent" cultural appropriation for the evil that it is.

Years ago, Stroker Serpentine went on national tv (National Geographic Taboo) and blithely regaled the television audience with tales of his fornicating in Second Life with his "virtual" daughters. To his surprise, to his CHAGRIN, he was vilified by much of Second Life. Racism exists. It is a scourge that should be fought by the best within people in all worlds, virtual and real. Its easy to point out and combat obvious racists. griefers, virtual plantation owners are easy to spot. Much as Stroker was an unconscious pedophile, the UNCONSCIOUS racists, though harder to pick out, should at least be condemned, if nothing else.

Caroline Takeda

Hello Folks,

I am the blogger Caroline Taked (formerly known as Caroline Resident, until I shopped a last name).

Here we go again:

Mr Jumpman making assumption about me. He hasn't got enough with Takeda bashing on the forums, he carries it now to other blogs. Well, people who know him, also know he loves bashing other people, typically mixing it with Stroker serpentine bashing.

It appears to me that this very egocentric man, spends half of his time bashing other people.

Let me be very clear about this:

I am the exact opposite of a racist. In fact I am a RL Antifa AND refugees welcome activist. In my community, as well as in the office, people know very well, that I stand up against people making racist or anti-foreigner comments. I profoundly despise NAZIs.

Assuming I would have any racist attitudes is downright ridiculous to those who actually know me.

Those who actually know my blog (and the post Jumpy refers to) know that it was an experiment. I actually wanted to see (feel?) how people in Second Life react to a black avatar. As a white person I can not walk in a black persons shoes. But in Second Life I do exactly that.

Because I can.

Another part of the experiment was indeed about marketing.

The "niche" I mentioned and Jumpy refers too, was NOT black people. It was calling the DEMAND for a black prostitute a niche, compared to the DEMAND for ANY prostitute. A smaller, yet less competitive market.

@Jumpman: "HUMAN being of ANY race?"

I don't know if you know this: From a scientific point of view, human races do actually not exist. Biological variations (such as the skin color) do not establish a "race". Calling people of color a different race, is actually racism.

Caroline Takeda

Btw: Could somebody correct that link please, it contains utm_source tracking code

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