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Monday, August 03, 2020


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It's the content that keeps and grabs new people. MMOs will always have that and more, whereas SL's content gets tiresome way sooner than anything.

Another issue that the person didn't bring up was drama. There is drama in every MMO, no questions about that one. Drama can be created from the devs not fixing bugs that should've been fixed, the players' own whining that the game is too difficult, and so on. Now, where it pertains to SL, the drama is amplified a thousand fold as people can become "keyboard warriors" or even spread rumors to ruin a person. Just like RL, right?

So, is SL a way to escape RL?

In a way, yes, and most certainly no. People try to create role-play communities, etc. in SL, but that is most certainly ruined the moment the drama starts to take over. Drama, being power-tripping owners and mods, cliques, spiteful individuals, etc. So, can a person learn how to act and behave in real life via SL? No, they can't. Why is that? That's right folks, if you're a selfish piece of crap in real life, then you're carrying that over into SL. Vice versa if you're the opposite of what a selfish, backstabbing prick is.
Everything starts with real life. Everything is learned at home. In all my years of being in the MMO world, nearly twenty years to be exact, has a bearing on anything, it's that the vast majority of the drama and toxicity I've encountered was not on most MMOs, and certainly not IMVU, but rather SL.

Jumpman Lane

ESO has a lot of players because ZOS (Zenimaz Online Studios) has great IP, namely the Elder Scrolls franchise to build upon. Every quarter they come out with new content, that is indeed beautiful and it's NEW.

Where ZOS fails is endgame, most particularly high level endgame game play.They know their game is buggy, and that portions of it is broken. They're NOT inclined to fix these bugs because they only affect a small percentage of the 3 mill or so players that log in every day. New players could play for years and not even notice. The very best players in ESO are quitting in droves.

For me it came down to this: PvP is broken. I can't PvP. So what am I supposed to do. QUESTS? I could play Skyrim (an Elder scrolls single player game) and have more fun. and I did for like a month.

If I just wanted to chit chat with my friends I could do that better in Second Life. (Which I am lol).

Drama has never been anything I shied away from in Second Life. I mean, when someone crashes a sim JUST because you happened to be standing on it kind of makes anything short of that, not seem so very toxic at all. I got over drama YEARS ago.

Jumpman Lane

Oh, one last thing. Most of the folks who stick around in ESO are SCRUBS. They are not pushing leader-boards in PvE (player vs the environment. They go to Cyro (player vs player zone) and get CLIPPED.

The top-tier players in the Elder Scrolls Online are looking for something else to play, somewhere else to be.

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