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Thursday, August 27, 2020


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Bighead Todd & the Monsters

Ok with Faceflop who is part of the censoring big tech companies who work together to silence/deplatform millions of people from having a voice, you should consider how long it will be before they use AI to silence peoples VR Experiences with headsets by filtering out in real time users experiences in the environment and how they socialize and who they are allowed to socialize with .

I predict Facebook will get a backdoor into most game engines, manipulating the user experiences outside of the game developers narrative storyline with injected messaging & manipulation.

At somepoint the AI implants created by Elon Musk will bring faceless and inhuman companies directly into peoples minds.

Congressional term limits is a 1st step to help end companies like FB from having government officials in its pocket while FB & Alphabet both need dismantled and the headset divisions spun off as independent companies.

Adeon Writer

Facebook has now announced they are removing the Oculus label and will now be known as Facebook Reality Labs.

Which is a shape because Oculus was had a lot of name recognition. Guess they are throwing that out the window, too.

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