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Thursday, August 20, 2020


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Hakeem Jackson

Where are players of color?
Why are they not knelling in solidarity against inequality?
No background messages or on player messages supporting the BLM Movement?

All Sports including E-Sports need to comply in solidarity!

They better fix this before coming out of beta, if your not supporting us then your against us as we stand against racism my all means necessary with moral righteousness we stand united !
advice to start seeing support at her store soon in the form of support banners and educating her customers about how damaging the white privileges they maintain are to all people of color or the possibility of boycotts and pressure on Steam & LL will be swift!

Hakeem Jackson
Black Lives Matter Coordinator


There's literally a player of color character from level 0 in the game. They've also tweeted about the subject of BLM! Play the game before making comments like these! I'm sure you know better :)


@Hakeem Jackson, don't pull that crap on them. All you'll end up doing is showing what you really are. A person whose sole intent is to harass and intimidate.

Since you want to go there, then explain why hardly anyone is watching sports this year.

Wagner James Au

I think the algorithmic tractor beam has already exited that gentleman and bad faith topic from the NWN cocktail party!

Also, Googling "Hakeem Jackson Black Lives Matter Coordinator" only brings up... this post.


Surely people have better things to do than bitch about the wokeness of a fucking VIDEOGAME. Get a life Hakeem.

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