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Wednesday, August 05, 2020


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Jeremy Owen Turner

NEOS VR, is, by far, my favorite contemporary social VR platform.
I really think you should interview the founders/creators (Karel and Tomas).
Ideatron in NEOS VR.

Shawn Eubanks

I second getting an interview with Tomas aka Frooxius! The people in this game are all genuine and helpful.

DovahDoVolom in NEOSVR.


I’ve been using Neos for 7 months, I can’t believe what this metaverse is able to do.


They are inventive, think out of the box and you can see they put their heart on it. The result is indeed impressive, even more for an indie project self-supported with Patreon.
No wonder that NEOS VR is slowly but steadily gaining new people, month by month.

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