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Tuesday, August 18, 2020


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Let's see the positive: the cancer called Facebook must be dying. They would not try this dangerous stunt without need.


"We’ll more likely be plugged in as abstract computational nodes..." My skin just crawled. I've been so proud of myself, thinking of myself as a node in the way 3D and VR works. With the way the last week or so has played out, this is turning into some scary sh*t.

sirhc desantis

The guy doesn't strike me as the usual techno naif (as in sir Tim and the bloke with the dreads) but seems to have spent the time since that June 2019 bit you covered peeing into the wind. (Stand by my rantette about not using the crap but what does that matter)

Is anyone at all surprised by this FBlob move? Seriously? Did some reading over on the twat box and seems there are a whole bunch of 'devs' going oh noe they are such bullies (bigscreenvr I think it was as a case in point). Doesn't change my intentions of buying in a teeny bit - well, would have to create an account anyway haha!

@Joey1058 I actually had a novel outline along the theme with 'sleeping nodes' being rewarded with perks in a dull, bland environment where very basics were met but a) I can't write and b) I realised its probably already in beta somewhere.

PS - what is all this uptick in Metaverse blather anyway? Still waiting for it delivered a la Gibson myself so really don't care much about going pew pew with a bunch of pre-adolescents and their parents, even if it is ahem epic


Facebook is subsiding its VR headsets. Will consumers pay hundreds of dollars more for competitors? In my experience: no.

Wagner James Au

I guess that's the dilemma here, right? Either the VR industry and VR consumers accept Facebook's terms, or VR besides the PSVR is unsustainable.


If any VR is unsustainable it's Facebook's. As mentioned there it's currently subsidized, Facebook loses or closer to breaks even on each Oculus sold, and started off billions of dollars in the red with it from the acquisition in the first place.

Meanwhile Valve still has trouble keeping the Index in stock, and in addition to HTC there's other OEMs like HP that are releasing newer and better SteamVR headsets like the Reverb G2.

If you expect a headset to drop and take off like the iPhone, by that measure VR will always be a dud and is failing.

If you see VR as just a peripheral not unlike the five-button gaming mouse or keyboard with macro keys and there's an ecosystem of a dozen companies like Razer, Logitech, Corsair and etc., releasing really expensive products once or twice a year, then its perfect to see how all these VR companies are viable and VR isn't going anywhere.

Facebook might be doomed in VR if they need to figure out how to make money off ads in VR rather than money off the hardware or software.

Valve will be fine though, they're selling their hardware very well and of course make money off every game supporting SteamVR.

HTC, HP, Pimax and etc can be fine too, so long as they continue to approach it from an angle of selling a peripheral with a niche audience and mark up the price of the hardware appropriately.

SteamVR is the healthiest ecosystem presently when it comes to actual profiting and sustainability. I omit PSVR from the sustainable part given the coming generational leap and what that might do to the current PSVR install base. Still Sony too is ahead of Facebook as well where it matters, making money.

Adeon Writer

Oculus has been dropped from all my VR Recommendations.

My recommendation is now wait to see the reviews for HP's Reverb G2. I hear you can't even see the pixels on it.


Slavery 2.0 just around the corner. And you know what? You deserve it

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