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Friday, August 07, 2020


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Stevie Davros

When are they gonna throw more resources at finishing EEP and sorting out all the many many bugs?

sirhc desantis

Basically, what does he have up his sleeve for the next project?

Pattern seems to be after SL -> drifted away to do C and P etc -> back to SL as CEO (interim) -> drifted away to do HiFi -> back to SL in some form for a bit? -> Next Big Thing?

Always interesting to watch


Is it me, or were there only soft toss questions being thrown at Phillip?

Jumpman Lane

@Alicia yeah, I'd say the questions seemed kind of soft tossed lol (and the "secret crush" crap was cringy) but his answers were more than a little interesting, particularly his take on the resurgence of virtual worlds in general, and Second Life in particular. Worth the watch.

sirhc desantis

Wee Willy Jumpy who? Fascinating as its attempting to be kang again.
As for Rosedale well. Will wait.
A disappoint basically where is the fun

Pappy Enoch

Old Jumpy ain't dead.

Neither are I. Old SL may be ailin' but the dawg can still run. Old Phil he gots some high-class looks goin, still. Hoo whee.

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