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Wednesday, August 19, 2020


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Dammit, Robert... I hate when you're right... We're all looking like chickens running around the barnyard yelling "the sky is falling!"

Ryan McClelland

I really hope there is an option to pay more and keep my real and VR identities separate. Also, I will never buy an iPhone. Just bought a $200 android that is fabulous.

Ryan McClelland

Also, great article!

Adeon Writer

I have to commend Facebook for giving a whole year advance notice that we should start saving up for a headset from a different company. They could have been jerks and done this after the sale of their Quest Pro on September 15. You must give them credit for that.


Won't be getting an Oculus if I have to have a Facebook account.

Andrew Steven

Wearing AR glasses all the time means that what you point at is recorded. Who owns that data? That world view? (That worldscrape?). What can they do with that data? First to figure out how to scrape the world wins a much bigger prize. For me that’s the strategic tax. (I am also ex MSFT :-)).

Gregory Maubon

Nice article! But I'm not sure the comparison of glasses prices is right. We talk about two distinct markets : People with a Iphone (and the will to change it again) and the rest of the world. The first can buy a 500$ Facebook device, the second have to buy a Iphone. It's a big difference. The percepted price seems to be the same when you ask people at home but not in a front of a cash register :)

For the second part, you are right, Facebook build now a complete ads ecosystem around XR. They can do it. Is it appropriate? I think not and I believed that "small" companies will be clever enough to work on standards to link their tools and build the so famous Metaverse we are waiting for. It's exactly what HTC did with VIVE XR suite.

Luther Weymann

There is such a simple solution to this problem. Don’t use the stupid VR glasses, and delete your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok accounts. Keep your WhatsApp to chat and call with. But ditch all the un-social media that take your incredibly valuable time away from doing something far more critical with your life. Without wasting time on social media, or ruining your mind looking through VR glass, all those worthwhile things you have procrastinated for years will now find more importance in your life.


Not as simple as it sounds, Luther. If you keep WhatsApp, then Facebook still has a channel open to you. They only need one. Using all their properties only provides them with multiple channels.


In the spirit of what Luther said, if one wanted to cut social media out, we could stand to go back to what we were doing in 2005 and simply call and text using the functionality our phones have been capable of for at least 20 years without needing to feed ad revenue every single day to the several tech giants who now dominate the S&P 500 by market cap, as well as our lives.


Zuckerberg will chance losing money on what will probably be $399 for his VR headset. And he will entice you to sign in on your FB account by offering perks - games, deals, you name it. Apple will no doubt push the latest phone and headset combo, but if you're only looking for VR, you will pass.

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