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Friday, August 14, 2020


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Kitty Revolver

good code is good code doesn't matter where and when

Adeon Writer

Would have been more handy to fix in 2007, but better late than never.

sirhc desantis

Nice to see something that needed fixing being done and yeah been testing and its fun.
Even better that its not plastic natasha related as meh to that =^^= Now get all that eep disaster out of the way so resources can be used for all the other annoying things and I will be more than happy with our premium costs. Especially on giving us a boost for bloody optimising our own stuff hah


hmmm Big enough difference to come back to SL after many years away? (Asking for an avatar..)

justaplayer now

One in a while they get something right. They should have focused on this instead of Sansar which is a failure and up for sale. SL was purchased by 2 guys hoping to salvage the ailing Linden Labs. And still they have thousands of people who were kicked out because they were accused of breaking TOS. With no proof, only accusations. Lets hope that "fixing" things inworld will slow down the steady decline in membership. It's like someone came through SL with a can of "Real Kill" and avatars dropped like flies. For those who are left, this improvement makes their lives more enjoyable.

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