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Wednesday, August 05, 2020


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Great interview!!!! Seeing it made me remember that I made a post on the UE forums many years ago, when Epic opened it's Marketplace for content creators. The revenue split was 30% and I was so disappointed they took the same line as everyone else. Here is my post. https://gyazo.com/549bac4824ad11c7fc38499bcfcac146


Although there are issues with interoptibility I don't think it is as big as you imagine Wagner. It's all about asset formats, and convertibility. Things are more standard then they have ever been in 3D. A mesh is a mesh, a rig is a rig, animation is animation. An fbx carries all these, as does some other immerging formats, and all exported from free software like Blender. Even if everyone didn't want to use the exact same rig, it is just a convertor away from sticking that rig to another rig. So, even avatar could be converted with limited problems.


Probably the biggest hurdle to interoptibility, is content theft, and how you make an economy on a system where anything can be copied or stolen for free. Many platforms hide, or convert things like meshes, rigs, textures and animation, to their own proprietary formats, to counter content theft. If everything is interoptible, then that means they are super easy to steal.


People in SL do it all the time via copybotting.


I want to echo Medhue's thoughts. IP theft is the bottom line. And with Apple shying away from open standards in the name of privacy, I can't see a quick solution leading to a "Grand Round Table of the Metaverse".


i think the Metaverse is about a unique identifier (uuid) for the user across all the providers

a uuid and name issued by a central authority which when combined makes this unique to each user. I.e. 1000-Hamlet Au, is not the same person as 1001-Hamlet Au

a central authority which also acts as (issues licenses for) a micro-currency clearing house settling metaverse transactions. User-to-user, user-to-provider, provider-to-provider

a authority which also facilitates (issues licenses for) the conversion of metaverse micro-currencies into RL fiat currencies and vice versa

a authority which issues licenses to providers to connect their game/world/experience to the Metaverse

without such an authority then there is no Metaverse. There is what we have now - the Indyverse. Lots of individuals doing their own thing

i think asset compatibility across providers is secondary, even a little immaterial, to identity compatibility

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