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Monday, August 17, 2020


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Here's the problem with Apple.

They deliberately, and purposely degrade whichever products are out so they can get their consumers to the Apple Stores to buy the latest models. Rinse, wash and repeat. It's known as the the lemming system, ala blind leading the blind.

Yes, people do work on Macs, but those same exact programs that people use on Macs are also being used on Windows PCs. Not only that, but if your Apple product breaks, you're almost certain to have to scramble to a certified Apple technician who can put your iPad, iPhone or Mac back together. Just because Apple products have the only advantage of not having viruses, due to how they handle their list of people who pay to be able to create apps for them, doesn't necessarily mean that Apple products are better. Hell, they're actually inferior to anything Windows-based as it's easier to upgrade or buy a new Windows-based machine than it will ever be to do the same for a Mac.

As it pertains to Fortnite, this will bite Apple in the butt in more ways than one. You can play Fortnite on what... seven different platforms now that Apple is blocking it? As it pertains to MMOs and other games... this is the very reason why most game developers hate developing anything for Apple products.

As to Linden Lab being reluctant on getting out a mobile app for SL. My advice? Don't bother. The reasons are way too obvious and the ensuing problems that will come about from it are just too much to overcome. They would literally have to it into a basic, messaging app. Tablets and mobile phones can't handle it for obvious reasons, and the way they're going, SL will become a bottlenecking nightmare regardless of the cloud, ones own connection as the engine will still show latency in the yellow and red areas, and also very dependent on how old the person's machine is. Let's face facts folks, LL will never tell creators to optimize the mesh they create, so once they're officially on the cloud... there goes the servers as people will assume they can go hog wild and bring in ungodly non-optimized mesh with vertices that will possibly make SL itself unplayable for literally anyone with PCs five years or older.


Apple customers place style above cost ,the fashion hungry users of second life will happily pay for the best.. I don’t see a problem.

Jumpman Lane

@JUDAS amen. Plus Apple's products WORK-that is to say they do what they are advertised to do, EVERY iteration, EVERY generation. Epic should just shut up and pay.

Now , I don't play Fortnite. I do keep an eye one it because I follow SypherPk's stream. (Sypher is a GIFTED gamer and entertaining streamer). Epic more than can afford it. Apple's policy is not new. Epic is just greedy. Epic has no empathy for any entire class of gamer that has lost access to their game due to their money grab.

Epic is trying to spin this money grab as a WAR against monopolistic practices? Hmmmm. I hope Apple wins!


OMG. All you people that still think this is just a money grab have your heads buried in the sand.

Yes, Apple's products work, because they maintain ruthless control over every phase of product development. That's a good thing, don't get me wrong. I'm often times envious of my wife, who owns both and iPad and an iPod Touch. I've owned a Touch and Pad myself in years past. But what I don't care for is that Apple needs to control exactly how you use the items. To the point that they will not use agreed upon industry standards that they can't control.

Have I repeated the word CONTROL enough times yet?

I have little love for corporate shenanigans. But when you have a company like Epic, willing to play David to Apple's Goliath, and you understand EXACTLY what is at stake for the future of the internet, I'm going to side with Epic.

I would seriously encourage you people to do some research into internet structure. Look into governing body standards. Find out about XML, and what it means to be the foundation of the World Wide Web.

Or Apple will own the web. And dismantle it.


@Jumpman Lane and @JUDAS, Apple has always been about style, money and control. No one thought that Fortnite would be this popular, but guess what... it is. Now, Apple wants some of that action and Epic knows full well that's what Apple wants. They want to stifle the entire metaverse. Where is Epic Games being greedy in all of this when all they want is to open up their game to as many platforms as possibly can to literally open up the metaverse? If Apple wins, you can literally kiss the metaverse goodbye.

@Joey1058, thank you! You spelled it out for them!

Jumpman Lane

I for one am happy that Steve Job's ideas concerning CLOSED systems still is a part of Apple's corporate culture. it gives me hope for the future of their products.

Epic is engaged in a money grab. If they had such a problem with Apple's policies they could have simply left the Apple Store instead of coding around it. They wanted to continue using the Apple store without paying for it.

Apple's app policy isn't new. Epic, most particularly Fortnite, has never been all that CONCERNED abuot it's player base. Apple booting Epic off of their platform is not a WAR for the metaverse. It is the valid response to an app maker violating the terms of an agreement.

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