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Thursday, September 17, 2020


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Master Redgrave

Why would you go to all that trouble to recreate the TV version of the house and motel and not the more iconic movie version?


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Cindy Bolero

Awesome build! Will check it out.

I had a couple Hitchcock builds several years running at Aero Pines Park's Annual Halloween Trail. Not only did I have a Bates Motel with the Psycho mansion (not as cool-looking in older days of SL). Each room in the motel had spookiy interactions and other scary movie tributes.

The other favorite Hitchcock build on Halloween Trail, was The Birds, where I had the schoolhouse and the playground equipment full of noisy scary animated crows. Inside the schoolhouse was a Youtube mashup video of The Birds movie that was 1:13 minutes long.

I miss hosting Annual Halloween Trail. It was a team effort that took a month to install the displays and season change the multiple connected regions, and ran for the month of October.

Archived Poster:

Archived Trail Map:

My 2010 Bates Motel in SL:

Maria Garcia

That's so wonderful and attractive writing style! Honestly speaking that, your writing style holds me to this post till the end. The lighting of the background of the picture looks so mysterious to me. I hope you will produce more in the near future. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

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