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Friday, September 25, 2020


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Looks like she was having fun, which might be the best kind of advertisement LL could hope for.


She is so entertaining and authentic. It's nice to have an influencer that doesn't hype up everything just for a paycheck. She tells it how it is and makes it so fun to watch her videos!


Carmen is amazing!!!


She can kiss her Twitch account goodbye the second she posts SL videos.


Lola D.

Wow, is actually on the banned list with a bunch of porn games, prolly less the exposure they need:) you'd think all anyone ever did was have sex;)

Haha thot

One less thot on twitch one less money grubbing thot on sl.


Queen of second life? Get a grip.

CronoCloud Creeggan

Oh my God, she says Oh my God every minute! But she's like missing cat ears for her Razer Kraken Quartz headset, I mean like Oh My God, I can't even!

More seriously her SL is not that different from the SL of most socializing popular girls in SL. Though I would have picked the non-bedazzled pink car, it was cuter.




You literally could’ve covered one of the dozens of youtubers that make SL look fun and actually talk about real things. You choose this one....


A youtuber with over 900k subscribers (about 84 times Draxtor right now) who creates fun videos about SL without trolling. Pink from the UI to the funny car and lots of smiles. I agree with Fionalein.
Oh, and on Twitch she streams GTA and drivers cars. Someone on Youtube commented: "Second life is like gta, imvu, and the sims". Maybe a bit, but imagine if you could really make city blocks, roads and cars at least like those in GTA in a seamless social virtual world and have fun with it in infinite possibilities together with your friends.

Karrie Fi

Carrie Tatsu is the real queen of SL! Anyone in has something that she created in their inventory! 🤣

Jennifer29751 Resident.

I actually watched several of her vids. She's entertaining. Her brand of narcissism is a breath of fresh air as far as SL narcissistic personalities go.

If we've lost the ability to ask ourselves why we socially need people like this in the first place, then give the girl a crown. At least she knows she's fake.


"Queen of SL" huh??? She doesn't have a clue about SL and neither do you!
/me Waves from 2006


Rofl I have never heard of this "Queen" and I have been part of the SL community for quite a few years. I think the narcissism is strong with this one.

Tad Noodle

Honestly if someone is having fun with SL, that’s all I need. I love videos where people experiment and explore, and it’s a plus if they are super entertaining. I tend to zone out when it’s someone talking in monotone at the screen about nothing in particular. Granted, she got a little annoying after the second episode, but that’s probably on me for binge watching them *sweats* I’m curious though how she got away with streaming that much of the game without getting banned by Twitch lmao

sirhc desantis

Brilliant, a breath of fresh air

pixels sideways

I watched Carmen's videos. She's an acquired taste and she states in one vid her target demographic is 18-24 year olds. She also notes she is a first and foremost a gamer girl and doesn't give a shit about image - she genuinely loves gaming and built up her channel and rep doing that.

She's fun, upbeat, swears like a sailor and is genuinely having fun and her energy is infectious. Why anyone who is a resident in SL would have an issue with that is beyond me.

She does need some direction on exploring regions and would benefit with various "resident guides" taking her to places that are more active with avatars.

Her Bad Girls concept looks interesting as far as creating "programming" for youtube on the SL platform.

I hope she continues enjoying her Second Life experience.


She's giving SL so much free advertising. I've seen so many people in her comments talk about how they want to try SL too because she makes it seem so fun and so luxe.

Nothing against some of the other SL Youtubers, but the difference between Carmen's video and theirs is that the editing on Carmen's video is very slick. The videos are a digestible length, she cuts the content well so that interesting content is always being shown, and she at least tries to pick a theme for each video. I can't say the same for other SL Youtubers. Obviously, there's a big difference in the size of their audiences, but I often find that SL videos are too long and edited poorly.

The future in attracting people to your game/virtual world is through Youtube and through streaming (as seen with the monumental rise of Among Us through Twitch), and I think there could be huge opportunities for SL to partner with people like Carmen and reach out to new audiences.

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