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Friday, October 02, 2020


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Gwenette Writer

Great tour & lovely choice for your new home. ENJOY!

sirhc desantis

So much fun this one I even signed in to subscribe.

nautia septimus

Carmen's subscriber reach is HUGE, nearly one million. A lot of them are diehard GTA and Sims players, but in both those games she speaks specifically to the rp audience and that is key.

There are elements that those games simply don't afford that SL can provide if that demographic gave it a chance.

I for one LOVE seeing her sticking her toe in the SL waters and exposing it to hundreds of thousands potential new players.



Obviously she has her following for a reason. There's the shrimp and caviar crowd. And there's the meat and potatoes crowd. I still prefer to live in a one room apartment in an industrial area on the mainland. I've been tempted with hi rises, but I still come back to single rooms. Give me my beer and gin. They can keep the caviar and champagne.


i like

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