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Friday, September 04, 2020


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Iggy 1.0

Windows only! No Mac, No Iggy. Sigh...90% of my students carry MacBooks.

World designers, I know it's a lot of work, but make 'em cross platform. Still, that may not be your business model. I'm sure there's money to be made in the high-end PC-gamer market.

Good luck. It does look stunning, but I'll play elsewhere: lots of good cross-platform European board games on boardgamearena.


Do they have a marketplace where I can create 3d content and earn real $$$?


Methinks the term "metaverse" gets used inflationary these days...

sirhc desantis

Looks fun but no - not dropping 21 euros on it just to try

Bavid Dailey

As iggy said, windows only. Fooie. If its a thin client, as the story says, it should not be that difficult make versions for other OSes.


Yeah... this is basically like EVE Online, but without restrictions for the most part.


Huh . . . the market terminals displayed look very similar to those I remember in Entropia Universe.

I have to say, after seeing how well Fortnite ran on an iPad and how much construction was possible in their open world mode, investing in an expensive Windows-based gaming PC and external GPU just to support these heavy old graphics engines, seems like such a waste of money these days.

As much as I resent the closed ecosystem that created it, the combination of Apple silicone + Metal + Unity have in 2020 far surpassed the quality, value and performance of these old, heavy Windows-based games.

Wagner James Au

> Do they have a marketplace where I can create 3d content and earn real $$$?

Create 3D content to sell for Dual Universe currency, yeah. They want to keep it very much an internal system closed off from the real world. (Though no doubt people will soon do RL money deals for various goods and services on the side.)

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