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Wednesday, September 09, 2020


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Honestly, keep social networks and virtual worlds separate. People want to keep their social networking/RL private for personal reasons while losing themselves in virtual worlds for a few hours a day/night depending on where one lives. Remember that there are people who have been stalked online by naively giving out personal info about themselves; or have been doxxed by a vengeful person seeking to create trouble for their victim(s) wherever they are.

Babbage's second comment is actually true as it pertains to players literally devouring content in a matter of months. When that happens, a period of downtime occurs between the devoured initial content and the next patch. Case in point is, literally, World of Warcraft as every time a new expansion is released... there's always the mad dash to become the world first highest level. Then, as it pertains to Mythic Raiding, the best guilds in the world such as Complexity Limit (US, formerly Limit), Method (EU), Exorsus (EU), Alpha (Asia), etc (https://www.method.gg/raidprogress) all prepare weeks in advance before the first raid goes live. These guilds specifically start on Heroic Raiding to get the gear they'll need the moment Blizzard opens the Mythic (highest difficulty) version of the raid; and will literally spend countless hours, with breaks in between, to learn the boss fights... figure out which piece of gear, ability/spell will give them that extra boost of DPS (Damage Per Second)/TPS (Threat Per Second)/HPS (Healing Per Second) to get their raid team on top, and so forth with all the intel they gather and learn with each attempt. As for the other part... theme parks... World of Warcraft has that in abundance as each zone can be considered its own ride.

Adeon Writer

There was another Ex-Linden that moved to Facebook as well, wasn't there? Memory is foggy.


Cody is the person you're thinking of, Adeon.

Wagner James Au

Cory Ondrejka -- he left around 2014 or so.


It is good to see Jim doing well - he's always been incredibly friendly and gracious. I was lucky enough to get a tour of London from him years ago, including a visit to the London Science Museum to see the Difference Engine!


Thanks Wagner... I always keep thinking Cody when it's Cory :p

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