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Thursday, September 24, 2020


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FOMO in action...


Early on, I was excited when they did the demo of the guy at the desk shooting robots. But later on, when they did the whale in the gym, even I know it takes a lot to pull that off individually. I started calling it smoke and mirrors by then. And Abovitz thought himself smug. Even now on Twitter, you can find his legions defending him, saying how advanced his thinking was. Pfft. I'm discovering that I'm unfollowing everyone that is a cheerleader for the guy. I'd bet all these 'yes men' don't own a Magic Leap, either. This is a lesson that Apple better pay attention to. Because if they don't get it perfect after all the time they're taking, and all the iPad demos they've been providing, there's gonna be a crowd with pitchforks waiting for them.

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