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Tuesday, September 29, 2020


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Oh my.


Once he left SL, i still haven't seen anything worth-looking-at he has delivered. Definitely no better SL alternative for sure.


There could be any number of reasons for what that topic means. If he IS planning another VR company, well I think he's going to spin his wheels again. The market is saturated. If he's going to create just a single sim, then he's going to nail it. I'd be curious where he would create the sim if that's what he means. He'd obviously want to select the VR with the fastest frame rate. And the widest options for interaction.


Joey1058, yea yea.. he's a total tech geek, and reaching better numbers doesn't guarantee that you put a nice and enjoyable complete product at the end.

Osiris indigo

Easy... merge the one world and social aspects of there.com with the building capacity of second life, but grow them to the 21st century with new prim dev tools. Do not rely on third party imported mesh- that kills the social aspect. Then make it accessible with desktop, Mac, Linux, vr and web user interfaces. Keep it at 60fps or better and manage those damn avatars so people can’t have a million triangles in their face and boobs and jewlrey so small you can’t see it.

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