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Tuesday, September 01, 2020


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Adeon Writer

The fact that it's political is an afterthought - sky spam, no matter what the message is, should be forbidden.


LL made the correct call. Last election was a novelty. This election would open the doors to every global candidate for years to come.


By the way:
South: "Resist" on the roof and rainbow, equality, BLM flags.
North: believers of the QAnon delirium. Also a "no stupid people beyond this point" sign apparently facing the opposite direction. LOL. Until a couple of months ago, they had a confederate flag and flags anywhere against the safety measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 infections.

This is going on since 2016.

Han Held

This move makes renting mainland completely worthless.

LL is throwing out the baby with the bathwater and shooting themselves in the foot (as if they don't have enough abandoned mainland parcels as it is)in the process -WTG LL!

Jumpman Lane

Hey Hamlet, looking forward to Linden Lab's official comment on this one. I can't comment until they do. I mean do I go with "And so the coddling continues..." or "Fear from The Lab! We SMELL it!" lol. Linden Lab's usual 'ignore it, we don't care stance' would seem to be de rigueur...I'd say. What are those pesky Lindens up to?


as animats pointed out here (https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/460124-political-ads-no-longer-allowed-on-your-land/?do=findComment&comment=2175027)

"The political sign restriction, as written, applies only to networked advertising. You should still be able to put a Trump 2020 or Black Lives Matter sign at your own house or business. Just not in bulk on ad sign parcels."

But we all the LL governance team... So the question remains: Will they actually be able to discern between networked advertising and private locations? Or will they we have governance roulette again and an AR outcome will be depending a lot on who's handling the case?


insert a "know" in above post'last paragraph first sentence =^^=

Nodoka Hanamura

@Han Held

Oh boo hoo, someone can't put up political agitprop eyesores that the overwhelming majority of residents can't stand. Go jump off the Mimas Bridge if it annoys you that much.

I for one welcome this. I come to SL to get away from this shithole we call Real Life. Not to be fucking innundated with bullshit from it, especially crap from groups like SLLU and the Trump groups and their unaffiliated butt-buddies.

If Activists leave over this, so be it. I'd rather Agni be without them and better off for it than flourishing having to see Pro and Anti-Trump agitprop everywhere I go.

Scylla Rhiadra

@Nokoda - This is the kind of attitude that worries me, and why I am concerned about the very vagueness of this rule, and the potential arbitrariness of how it might be enforced. Arguably, pretty much anything in SL can be seen from a political perspective -- certainly, for instance, misogynist sims and groups are "political," even if unaffiliated with a particular party. Where does one stop?

The SLLU (and I can think of some other broadly political groups that this would apply to as well) isn't clogging the mainland highways with signs. You can't see these signs from the highway, or from the map, or indeed from anywhere but, essentially, from within the sim itself. These are expressions of the SLLU's ideology, not public propaganda or political ads. You'd have to visit us to know that they are even there.

When was the last time our views intruded unwished-for upon your Second Life? Have they ever?

Don't like what we stand for, or what our signs say? Then, well ... don't come to our sim? Just a thought.

BiliJo Aldrin

I had 47 Trump 2020 signs on my networked advertising parcels. I'm pretty sure the political ad ban was a result of them not being able to touch my signs, yet still having an endless stream of ARs about them to deal with. The ban is a cheap way way out that diminishes everyone's second life.

sirhc desantis

Also waiting for clarification so I will knnow when to AR myself for my rainbow flag. It is most pos def political after all.

I think the Lab may be a little misguided here. Finding myself in agreement with both BillyJo and Scylla there is proof enough of that =^^=

Han Held

I don't have much to add that Scylla, BiliJo and sirhc haven't already covered.

I will say that I've had to live around very toxic political jerks on mainland ...and to cope, I made heavy, heavy use of derender. Worked for me, I didn't even notice that they left until I saw the parcels were abandoned one day ...

But the Virtual World that says "you can't put up Trump signs" today can come and say "You can't put up consumer rights information" tomorrow can later come to say "you can't put up anything the expresses a strong opinion on anything at all" the week after...

But hey! If that's what you want to pay money for -knock yourself out, Nodaka. Enjoy your sanitized mainland!

But there are better, more liberated options out there (beyond SL); and that's what I'll continue to enjoy (as I have for 10 years now!).

Han Held

..and for the record, while I don't live on Mainland now; I did live there for 9 years and today is the very first that I've heard of the SLLU (at first blush I thought you were making a typo of the much-maligned SLU -which now virtualverse.one)

From where I stand, I'd say they're a poor example.

MaccyWinds BFF

I love how my wall from 2016 still lives on in infamy. XDDDDDD


reading the ToS is clear that political signs are only banned on mainland advertising networks. They are not banned on private-owned parcels where the parcel owner does not act as an advertising network across multiple regions

so if I have a mainland parcel I can stick a Vote For Whoever sign on my front lawn. I can't do this on multiple parcels across multiple regions

a road trip on mainland shows this. People continue to put yard signs out on their home parcels which is ok for them to do

a thing also. There are a whole lot fewer signs (even before the advert network ban) this US election than there were in previous US elections. Bush vs Gore was I think the zenith of US election activism in SL, more so even than Obama vs McCain


bush v gore was 2000 I think that was pre SL but I don't want to interfere with your altered view of reality.

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