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Thursday, October 01, 2020


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The 4th one is optional.
Monetization can happen outside of it.


Many years ago, when I had first learned of Google creating a wallet, I was mesmerized. This, I had innocently thought, was what would unite online and offline experiences. All my money, all my value, would be stored on a wallet. I could go shopping, anywhere, online or RL, and I could make purchases with a combination of L$, fiat, mfg. coupons, and gaming points. And the software would calculate the current value and deduct accordingly.

I also dreamed of a master ID database that was operated by ICANN, and controlled by the users. This sadly got usurped by walled gardens. Same thing with a contact list. Microsoft was doing well on that front, then everyone wanted a piece of their own pie.

We're fast approaching the era of spacial computing. The elephant in the room is that we will never be rid of the walled gardens. But the dirty little secret is that open source is spacial computing's champion. While wishing wont make it so, we are at least stumbling along in the right direction. We can still have all four of those bullet items, but it's a LONG row to hoe.



the money is quite important to stimulate User Generated Content. That people can make stuff/experiences for use by other people like themselves within the various views and get paid to do so

i think that most people would quite like a single wallet (as Joey mentions) to connect their RL payment method too. And from the wallet buy the different tokens (in whatever form they are for each of the views) to buy the stuff within the different views

buying different tokens is no different to buying USD, Euro, Pound, AUD, etc to buy stuff in each countries local shops

and as I mentioned, the way I think to do is this is with a Tilia-like facility. It manages the trading of tokens between the users, and their conversion to to/from RL fiat currencies. We need only connect our RL payment method to this one point

when we don't have a wallet then we are stuck with connecting our RL payment method to each and every world/view

sirhc desantis

Very rare for me to disagree with Iri San in any of their forms but with this I have to, with respect. I value the disconnect across platforms and have deep misgivings on tying together the various personas/representations. Not for anything nefarious as I am far too old for all that nonsense =^^=

It is not the anonymity. Those that know me - know who I am. And I already have the facility to tie together basic meatspace currency so do not feel the need to add another level.

People come and go and change. I have no desire to drag the same around with me wherever I go. Strikes me as hubris almost. Such is life.
SL taught me that. And also how to make sure my 'stuff' can go with me if I want it. And some of it does, hence the veneer of anonymity which is very thin.



personally I am not emotionally bound to my SL avatar name/nick/handle identifier. I open and close SL accounts probably more than anyone - one main account at a time, time after time. I don't have my irihapeti account in SL anymore. I just deleted it when I decided to not play on there for a while. I have always done that. When not using an account on any platform then I delete it

my current SL account is about 2 years old now. Which is the 7th regeneration for me now in SL. People who know me from past SL accounts know me on my latest as well. I came back to SL when I read about Bellissaria. I thought that looks interesting so created a new account and logged in to have a look

a thing is that I am an outlier in the great mass of humanity. Most people are not like me. They are bound to their identities - pseudo-anonymous or otherwise. And it is the great mass of people into identity who make up the very much larger numbers. While there are practical reasons for maintaining the same identifier, like venue/shop/blog owner, much of identity is tied up in id, which is emotional - who I am, where do I belong, who knows me, and other thoughts like this

by identity I don't necessarily mean RL identity, even tho some people are into showing/exposing this about themselves. Like Hamlet Au for example

you are sirhc desantis and it is as this that you show yourself, as and where you choose. Which is fine and just as good as if you named yourself say sirhc santis or desantis sirhc. No more and no less good and fine

no more than for example does deleting my irihapeti SL account make me not irihapeti. At least in the context of showing myself publicly in the comments section of this blog

walled gardens and ad-hoc disjointed open efforts at the metaverse are actually suited for the fewer people like me. We don't particularly care about identity - any name/nick/handle for us is as good as any other. Not so for the much larger group of people to whom the consistent constant is their identity in an ever changing world. And unless the metaverse organises itself on this constant then is going to forever be a playground for the fewer people like me

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